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Why “sustainability” can be as mysterious as “porn”

Net Impact London and I hosted a workshop with a group of sustainability professionals to delve into the questions that every job seeker has: how can you figure out what a potential employer is looking for? And how can you communicate your competitive advantage as a potential employee? Today, I’m sharing key outcomes of our discussion to help you drill down on the common skills, attitudes and values practitioners share to help you land your own dream sustainability job. 1.

How leadership coaching can help CSO’s overcome challenges

Leadership or executive business coaching is a hot topic. Most executives want to hire a coach to help them perform better, but hold back because this idea isn’t embedded in business norms. According to a report from Stanford Business School, there is a stigma that executive coaching is “remedial,” as opposed to performance-enhancing. As a result, CSO’s are missing out on an important piece of their leadership development. Do you need leadership coaching? A “thought partner” can bring perspective to our internal

How to make a master’s in sustainability work for you

Are you considering going back to school but feeling uncertain about whether an advanced degree is worth the investment? This is important to consider. Master’s degrees are expensive, intense and time consuming, and not – I repeat, NOT – guaranteed to get you a job. Not only that, but practical, tangible work experience is worth its weight in gold in the sustainability space. The belief that you can walk out of your master’s graduation ceremony and into a great role

Pros and cons of sustainability and CSR degree programs

For jobseekers wishing to break into the sustainability field, the idea of going back to school for a specialist degree in sustainability seems obvious. However, I ask my clients to carefully consider the pros and cons before they invest time and money into a graduate degree. The Pros: 1. Gaining Professional Connections There’s a reason this is number one, while ‘expanding your knowledge’ is number two. My clients who have completed degree programs in sustainability have overwhelmingly found the most

Career do-overs: Impact investing

In my work as a sustainability career coach I have found myself helping many former bankers repair and repurpose their professional lives. The 2008 financial crash forced us to reassess our lives, our careers and our values. Together, we have found that it is possible to make money while also making a positive difference in the world – you just have to know where to look. Impact investing, is emerging as a vibrant new field that seeks measurable social and

Knock out your career change fears

There are a million reasons NOT to look for a new job, even if you are unhappy in your current role or want to change careers. It is a lot of work! You have to figure out how your skills will translate, what the market is like now and how you will find the time for a job search while already in a demanding role. However with the right approach, making a career change can be as exhilarating as it

Webinar: How to land an impact job you love

Making a career switch and searching for “the right job” can be a challenging and nebulous process. Recently, Shannon participated in Net Impact’s webinar on Making the Career Switch: How to Land an Impact Job You Love with Moving World’s CEO Mark Horoszowski. Listen below to dispel some myths about how to find a career that you truly love. Both Shannon and Mark will be presenting at the Net Impact conference this fall.

Keys to authentic leadership

As sustainability professionals we need to get better at practicing what we preach. It’s crucial to success and growth for leaders to ramp up diversity and inclusion tactics. In my work as a talent advisor and executive coach, I have noticed three simple steps to overcome this barrier and start building a more diversified workforce: 1) Set clear, transparent hiring goals Fostering a diverse workforce starts with hiring practices. Attracting, recruiting, and hiring diverse talent should be an easy challenge

6 ways to get rich while doing meaningful work

By Charlotte Cawthorne Every day I work with current and future sustainability leaders to help them reposition their personal branding and land their dream job.  These highly intelligent, inspirational, values-driven people want to find and secure their niche in the impact sector that not only chimes loudest with their values but also pays them decent money. I’m often asked by people -“Are my salary expectations too high?” – and I’m happy to report that they’re not according to Acre Resources’

Steps towards a career transition

What scares you about a career change? What is your one main fear that is holding you back from taking the first step towards sustainability? Or you have already decided to change but you have so many burning questions about career transitions and the sustainability market that you don’t know where to go from here? Shannon Houde provided hands-on tips and strategies to get a job in Corporate Responsibility (CR) in an interactive webinar in partnership with the ICRS. She presented insights on how