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Five tricks to boost your online reputation

As this great article on Forbes points out, ‘your actions + what others say about you = your reputation’. It’s a formula that I tell all my jobseeker clients to write on a sticky note and pin to their desktop. Why? Because your reputation is your currency and it has a major impact on your employability – especially in the social media era.

Interview with impact to land your dream job

‘I’m experienced, educated and articulate – so why can’t I get through interviews to a job offer?’ If I had a fiver for each time I’ve encountered a jobseeker with that problem, I’d be meditating on a beach rather than tapping away on a keyboard! Selling yourself on paper – whether through the traditional CV or on LinkedIn – is a skill in itself, and here at Walk of Life, we’ve written plenty on how to do it. But wowing

Webinar: Strengthen your core network & brand: LinkedIn for career success

Your social media presence can boost or bust your chances at an interview, so consider recruiter concerns when working on your core network and brand. Utilize my advice and take some time to update your LinkedIn profile for your best chance at career success.   Contact me for some bespoke advice on your personal brand and LinkedIn. Photo credit: Jacinta Iluch Valero via Flickr

Tips to land your dream job with a 30-second elevator pitch

Recently, I explained how having a pre-prepared elevator pitch up your sleeve can help you out of those sticky situations and into the good books of the person you’re trying to impress. But first, here’s an example of what not to do: “I am a sustainability consultant who writes strategies and supports employee engagement for companies wanting to be more responsible. I can help management to identify their challenges and sometimes design programs to help turn the strategy into practice.

Landing a Google dream job

I advise all my clients that you can make a career change — but you can’t change everything all at once. Together, work through interim steps, building the experience, skills, clout and relationships and that will ultimately put their career on the path to that dream role.