Christine Riley

Clarifying what I want to do when I grow up


I have been fortunate to have had a varied career that spans four sectors and the full spectrum of skills from non-profit fundraising to sustainability strategy. I was in a job that took full advantage of my skills but when I decided to look for a new position, I struggled to identify the role that I wanted and the skills and experience I could both offer and develop further. Simply put, I had no idea how to articulate what I wanted to do next.


Shannon very quickly identified the problem; I had to decide if I wanted to do non-profit management or corporate sustainability. Together we talked through the Dream Job Targeting worksheet and through that exercise, I realized, that if I was honest with myself, I didn’t want to do non-profit fundraising anymore. Rather, I was really energized by the work that I was doing in corporate sustainability. Shannon gave me permission in a sense, to walk away from that experience and focus my efforts on finding a role doing what I really loved – developing and implementing sustainability strategies. Understanding what I did want to do and, more importantly, did not want to do, enabled me to develop a much more targeted search for my next role. I did not entertain inquiries from non-profit organizations about open positions, I delegated more of the non-profit related work in my current role in order to deepen my expertise in the sustainability work and was able to add new responsibilities that would strengthen my candidacy when sustainability positions became available. I also worked with Shannon to amplify my sustainability expertise and downplay some of non-profit expertise on my resume and LinkedIn profile so that my qualifications were better aligned with the kinds of positions I was looking for.


Shannon helped me clearly articulate what I wanted to do and as a result, I am now the global director of sustainability doing the work I love every day and getting the experience I was looking for.


Director of Sustainability




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