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Keep cover letters short and sweet

Cover letters are becoming obsolete. We are in the age of Twitter, blogs and text messages. No hiring manager or recruiter has time or attention to droll through dense text populating more than a page. Our communication mediums are all about short and sweet, and cover letters are no exception – one page with lots of white space and short sentences. There are 3 reasons to keep your cover letter short and sweet: Reason 1 – You only get 30

Infographic: Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Practitioner Profiles

What are the characteristics, career histories and salaries of those working in corporate responsibility / sustainability? Acre has compiled information from its 2012 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Salary Survey into ‘practitioner profiles’ based on their understanding of corporate and consultant roles. They have identified a number of generic roles in order to form composite descriptions of the education, career histories and other personal characteristics of practitioners in the space.

7 Ways to Maximise Your Salary in a CSR or Sustainability Job

  On a daily basis, I am working with a diverse array of top-notch jobseekers. The main thing they’ve got in common? The desire to find a values-based career that pays decent money. Judging by my own experience as a sustainability and CSR career advisor, I’m certain that a job that combines both environmental and social responsibility with a good salary isn’t too much to ask for. And the research agrees. According to Acre Resources’ recently released bi-annual salary survey,