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Coaching can catapult your career

Anyone can sign up for executive coaching, hand over the money and sit in on a series of sessions, but not everyone is “coachable.” If your mind is closed to exploring new insights about yourself and being challenged about your assumptions, you won’t be able to reap the real benefits. Executive coaching offers you a full, 360-degree view of your skill set, character and roadblocks — warts and all.  It can be hard to hear, but at the end of the

Guest blog: Hiring a career coach helped me find my dream job

By Laura Baker If you had told me two years ago that I was going to hire a “career coach” I would have laughed at you.  I consider myself a strong, determined and fiercely independent woman, so life coaches fall into the category of things that I don’t need.  If I can do something for myself, then I will, period.

Five tricks to boost your online reputation

As this great article on Forbes points out, ‘your actions + what others say about you = your reputation’. It’s a formula that I tell all my jobseeker clients to write on a sticky note and pin to their desktop. Why? Because your reputation is your currency and it has a major impact on your employability – especially in the social media era.

Webinar: Strengthen your core network & brand: LinkedIn for career success

Your social media presence can boost or bust your chances at an interview, so consider recruiter concerns when working on your core network and brand. Utilize my advice and take some time to update your LinkedIn profile for your best chance at career success.   Contact me for some bespoke advice on your personal brand and LinkedIn. Photo credit: Jacinta Iluch Valero via Flickr

Tips to land your dream job with a 30-second elevator pitch

Recently, I explained how having a pre-prepared elevator pitch up your sleeve can help you out of those sticky situations and into the good books of the person you’re trying to impress. But first, here’s an example of what not to do: “I am a sustainability consultant who writes strategies and supports employee engagement for companies wanting to be more responsible. I can help management to identify their challenges and sometimes design programs to help turn the strategy into practice.

Ways to network like a hero

Many people make friendly chitchat in everyday life, but develop a phobia of meeting new people when they find themselves in a professional situation. The mere thought of standing alone at an event surrounded by potential employers, clients or contacts has them breaking out in a cold sweat. They’ve forgotten that all networking is basically making new friends, and that it can be fun as well as strategic, although it takes practice. If you’re looking to make a career move

Myths of CV and resume writing

As a career coach and former HR exec, I know first hand what makes a resume stand out. Equally, I know what makes a hiring manager drop a resume into the ‘No Way’ tray. Many myths are propagated in relation to CVs and resumes. It’s a veritable minefield! In today’s blog, I’m busting some of those myths to help you avoid the common traps and shape your CV into something the hiring manager really wants to see. 1. CV content

Get an edge in the sustainability jobs market with your CV’s personal profile

Everyone knows that a compelling CV is vital for effective job seeking. But what will set yours apart from the hundreds of others landing on the HR manager’s desk? Let’s start at the beginning. Your personal profile or statement at the top of your CV is the first place an employer will look for a summary of why you could be a “hot candidate”.  Does yours say something like, “I’m a former project manager with excellent people skills and organisational

How to make a master’s in sustainability work for you

Are you considering going back to school but feeling uncertain about whether an advanced degree is worth the investment? This is important to consider. Master’s degrees are expensive, intense and time consuming, and not – I repeat, NOT – guaranteed to get you a job. Not only that, but practical, tangible work experience is worth its weight in gold in the sustainability space. The belief that you can walk out of your master’s graduation ceremony and into a great role

Career do-overs: Impact investing

In my work as a sustainability career coach I have found myself helping many former bankers repair and repurpose their professional lives. The 2008 financial crash forced us to reassess our lives, our careers and our values. Together, we have found that it is possible to make money while also making a positive difference in the world – you just have to know where to look. Impact investing, is emerging as a vibrant new field that seeks measurable social and