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Get what you want out of a mid-career transformation

A big part of my day is spent advising people with established skill sets and extensive experience on how to transition out of their safe, stable roles and into something that aligns more closely with their personal ethics. Corporate responsibility and sustainability are invigorating spaces to work in. New, constantly evolving, varied, dynamic, game-changing, planet-saving and respectably remunerated. It’s the place to be for people who want to live their values without swapping their Birkin for Birkenstocks (OK, well, maybe not

Sustainability career changers have job opportunities as CEOs catch on

Great news, jobseekers! Sustainability is becoming more firmly embedded into the corporate agenda, according to a recent report by Verdantix. 250 sustainability decision-makers at firms across 21 sectors and 13 countries were interviewed to gain insights into how a CEO’s perspective of sustainability manifested in organisational structure. The more sustainability is embedded into the corporate agenda, the easier it will be to make a career shift from traditional business functions like marketing, finance, legal, operations into more sustainability-focused roles.  Core

Infographic: Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Practitioner Profiles

What are the characteristics, career histories and salaries of those working in corporate responsibility / sustainability? Acre has compiled information from its 2012 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Salary Survey into ‘practitioner profiles’ based on their understanding of corporate and consultant roles. They have identified a number of generic roles in order to form composite descriptions of the education, career histories and other personal characteristics of practitioners in the space.