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Promoting leadership in the age of Trump

In the weeks following the presidential inauguration, many of us have been concerned about what a Trump presidency means for our families, our security, our basic rights as humans and our planet. Now, more than ever, we need to make positive change a priority for our businesses and as leaders, we need to put our good intentions into action. With Trump in the White House, we no longer can rely on government regulations to help propel our agendas forward. It

What can impact job seekers learn from the evolution of the CSO?

A new report released by the Weinreb Group last month explains how the CSO role has matured and grown in the past three years. CSOs have a lot to teach aspiring sustainability professionals about successful impact leadership. “Telling our story is an important pillar of our sustainability strategy.” –BEA PEREZ, Coca-Cola, CSO Backstory II This October, Walk of Life’s recruiting partner, the Weinreb Group, released an updated version of their 2011 report analyzing the role of the corporate Chief Sustainability