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Be an impact sector comeback kid (with kids)

Balancing home and career can be a challenge – particularly so for mums and dads. Many of my clients have found that the flexibility they need can be hard to come by in a competitive global economy. What’s more, if you took time off to be at home with the kids, the market will have moved on in the time you were away. So how can a former CSR employee bridge the gap and find a high-level role that will

8 sustainability leadership capabilities

I once attended a workshop that examined the issue of leadership for change: integrating sustainability into an institution’s core mission and transforming organizational identity, culture and processes to enable change. It was delivered by Leith Sharp, director of executive education for sustainability leadership at Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment. She has 20 years’ experience greening universities all over the world and is the one-woman sustainability machine behind Harvard University’s green transformation. Sharp suggests that what’s really needed is “disruptive

The leadership movement starts with sustainability

As hiring trends show that most roles are being filled internally, HR managers need new tricks to assess talent in the sustainability space. The key is to identify individuals who are already creating change and exhibiting leadership through disruptive innovation. But who are these people, and where can they be found? Defining Leadership & Sustainability As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. – Bill Gates Before HR or sustainability hiring managers can

How to hire top talent

In a past article, I outlined my top five crucial skill-sets that a CSR or sustainability practitioner will need in their arsenal. Now, I’m sharing the challenging questions that really get to the heart of these competencies in a job interview context to help hiring managers sift out the gems. If you’re looking for the best talent but finding it hard to spot, or if you are the talent but struggling to land your dream job, then read through these 5

Pros and cons of sustainability and CSR degree programs

For jobseekers wishing to break into the sustainability field, the idea of going back to school for a specialist degree in sustainability seems obvious. However, I ask my clients to carefully consider the pros and cons before they invest time and money into a graduate degree. The Pros: 1. Gaining Professional Connections There’s a reason this is number one, while ‘expanding your knowledge’ is number two. My clients who have completed degree programs in sustainability have overwhelmingly found the most

How to translate your top skills for the impact sector

Good news! As sustainability becomes more and more embedded into core business, the competencies required to achieve success have shifted to more commercially based skills, making it easier to break in if you can prove your transferable skill set. Hiring managers want to know that you understand the business first and foremost – that you have commercial, collaboration, and innovation skills. Having worked with more than 3,000 sustainability practitioners over the past 10 years, here are the top five competencies I

Eight hot sustainability conferences in the US this year

Professional development and in-person networking are paramount to making a successful career move in the sustainability and impact space. Conferences can be great opportunities for developing new relationships and broadening business networks, plus they can be fun ways to get new ideas.  But, as you probably know, there are so many to choose from and attendance comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, it is important to prioritize events that offer something that specifically interests you. To help you narrow

Here’s how a master’s degree and strategic volunteering can help move your impact career forward

This post is part of Net Impact’s ongoing impact career advice column. In this edition, Shannon Houde tackles a question from their network. Going back to school… I am a 31 year-old woman who has been involved in mission-driven work since earning my BA in economics several years ago. With your diverse background, I was hoping you could provide any insight on the pivotal skills and areas of learning that can take an impact career to the next level. I’m

Moving between impact sectors? Here’s how to translate your skills.

This post is part of Net Impact’s ongoing impact career advice column. In this edition, Shannon Houde tackles a question from their network. I’ve been looking to break into the corporate responsibility (CR) space for some time now. Although my current position as a media planner doesn’t give me direct experience in the sector, there are aspects of both my job and outside pro bono experience that I believe give me translatable skills for a position in CR. How do