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Why “sustainability” can be as mysterious as “porn”

Net Impact London and I hosted a workshop with a group of sustainability professionals to delve into the questions that every job seeker has: how can you figure out what a potential employer is looking for? And how can you communicate your competitive advantage as a potential employee? Today, I’m sharing key outcomes of our discussion to help you drill down on the common skills, attitudes and values practitioners share to help you land your own dream sustainability job. 1.

Infographic: Follow the Path to an Impact Career

In today’s impact jobs market, competition is fierce. But by presenting a compelling story, standing out to hiring managers, and becoming an effective networker you can land your dream role – whether it’s in your present field or a new one. The process is a challenge and to be successful you will need to be the whole package. But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

Pod Point CEO Erik Fairbairn’s no-nonsense guide to getting a job at his low-carbon startup

Here at Walk of Life, we are constantly telling our clients to understand what an employer wants before starting a sustainability job search. In today’s blog, Erik Fairbairn – CEO of Pod Point, UK’s market-leading electric vehicle charging company – sets out his no-nonsense guide to getting a job at his company.