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Keep cover letters short and sweet

Cover letters are becoming obsolete. We are in the age of Twitter, blogs and text messages. No hiring manager or recruiter has time or attention to droll through dense text populating more than a page. Our communication mediums are all about short and sweet, and cover letters are no exception – one page with lots of white space and short sentences. There are 3 reasons to keep your cover letter short and sweet: Reason 1 – You only get 30

Flatter, flirt, get real, & leave them wanting more

I’ve been talking to my clients a lot lately about how looking for your dream job is a lot like dating; after all, love and a satisfying career are two of the most sought after and yet elusive concepts there are. To be successful in either requires self-reflection, empathy, and confidence. You have to know yourself and your audience in order to find the right fit. Keeping with this line of logic, the one-page job proposal plays the role of the love letter

What not to do when writing your CV, Part 1: Me, Me, Me!

No matter what your university career advisor told you, your resume or CV is most definitely not about you. It’s a marketing tool. Therefore, it should be all about the market: appealing to the hiring manager, meeting the company’s needs, using the organization’s language, communicating what your audience wants to hear. A CV that goes into every tiny detail of your entire career history is absolutely not what a hiring manager wants to read. You have to do the screening