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How to get a job in sustainability

In December, Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard MBA program at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, opened his webinar with a simple question. “Will there still be jobs in sustainability given the results of the Presidential election?” His answer – yes. Though Donald Trump’s presidency will likely cause the nature of work in the sustainability sector to change, the nature of our reality will not change. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, we must figure out how to meet the

How to make a master’s in sustainability work for you

Are you considering going back to school but feeling uncertain about whether an advanced degree is worth the investment? This is important to consider. Master’s degrees are expensive, intense and time consuming, and not – I repeat, NOT – guaranteed to get you a job. Not only that, but practical, tangible work experience is worth its weight in gold in the sustainability space. The belief that you can walk out of your master’s graduation ceremony and into a great role

Pros and cons of sustainability and CSR degree programs

For jobseekers wishing to break into the sustainability field, the idea of going back to school for a specialist degree in sustainability seems obvious. However, I ask my clients to carefully consider the pros and cons before they invest time and money into a graduate degree. The Pros: 1. Gaining Professional Connections There’s a reason this is number one, while ‘expanding your knowledge’ is number two. My clients who have completed degree programs in sustainability have overwhelmingly found the most

Here’s how a master’s degree and strategic volunteering can help move your impact career forward

This post is part of Net Impact’s ongoing impact career advice column. In this edition, Shannon Houde tackles a question from their network. Going back to school… I am a 31 year-old woman who has been involved in mission-driven work since earning my BA in economics several years ago. With your diverse background, I was hoping you could provide any insight on the pivotal skills and areas of learning that can take an impact career to the next level. I’m