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Video blog: Is fear holding you back from making a career change?

Listen to three big myths of making a career change and tell me about that one big fear holding you back. Let me help you take the fear out of making a career change! Best of luck making the change you are craving by diving in headfirst to combat your fears. Need help navigating your career transition? Contact me to learn how you could benefit from my tried-and-tested tools and hands-on facilitation. Myths of Making a Career Change from Walk

Staying inspired after Net Impact

At the 24th Net Impact Conference 2016 we saw 2,400 committed change leaders brought together to discuss how to drive positive impact around the world. And just as I felt a few days before at the BSR conference in Manhattan, I left the conference inspired to continue facilitating the career growth of these impact- driven professionals and Masters students. In the wake of the presidential election, I’ve been thinking a lot about each of us needs to protect and foster