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Work, happiness and the path to an impact career

Sometimes our craving for something new and unknown is what keeps us from feeling happy with what we have. But while it is important to resist the urge for change simply for change’s sake, it is equally important to continue challenging ourselves in order to grow professionally, and thereby feel happy. Reality check In figuring out whether to stay or go, it’s useful to unpack the difference between the perceived reality of what a job change might look like and

3 ways to realize your dream impact job

I believe in dream jobs! What would the human condition be without dreams? I have seen living proof through my clients that you can marry your passion for making a difference in the world to your day-to-day reality of making a living. In a CNN article, the author, Cal Newport, advises that to “follow your passion is bad advice”. He warns against jumping from role to role hoping that a job, in and of itself, will fulfil you. Rather, he suggests

Three ways that volunteering can help advance your career

When asked why they want to work in sustainability, most of my career coaching clients say “to make a difference.”  Some word it as “to have positive impact,” “to create a future for our children,” “to save the planet,” or even simply, “to give back.” As values-based practitioners it’s important for us to “walk the talk” in our personal, as well as professional lives. Whatever your personal motivation is for feeling drawn to this expanding field of sustainability, you need

Release your potential and realize your purpose

In a previous post, I argued the merits of being a purpose-driven worker and outlined how to frame your purpose into a statement to find clarity in your life’s mission. This may have left you armed with your freshly minted purpose statement, but wondering what to do next. The next step is to convert your unique potential into actions in order to realize that purpose. I see time and again the fear of failure holding back most of us from

Impact your career with a purpose statement

A couple of months ago I delivered the Keynote speech at Hitachi’s WIN Summit for Women in Innovation. As I told them my story, I was humbled by ones I got in return of how each individual in that room — women of all career stages and job functions — was spending each day trying to bring a sense of purpose into her work. Six years ago, shortly after having my second son, I left the corporate world and created my own dream